Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60 What the water gave ME

If you're not a huge Frida Kahlo fan, you won't get the title of today's post.  I've been wanting to try this pic for a while, but it took a night where I actually had time to lay in the bathtub and be able to take a picture while I was in there, so it had to wait.  Tonight, I needed to lay still in some hot water so I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity.  I was lucky and managed to NOT drop my camera in the water!  I looked around and saw some other shots I'd like to try, so you may see a few bathtub pics in the next few days if I get a chance to hop in the tub again.
I think I'm channeling Frida Kahlo in my life.  The woman was in constant pain because of her spine and she had a husband that she loved and could be as sweet as pie to her but then the next minute he was doing something absolutely horrific.  Maybe that's why I'm so attracted to her art?  Maybe that's why her story is absolutely fascinating to me and I have not only read every book I can find about her, but watched the movie Frida over 50 times, watched other documentaries about her, travelled to Minneapolis to see her art exhibit, visited her house in Coyoacan, travelled to Chicago specifically to eat at a restaurant decorated in her art, collect any art or memento by her, and plan to eventually have a tattoo in her honor.  I am a Frida-holic and proud!
So, when I was laying in the bath tub the other day and noticed the reflection of my feet in the water, it reminded me of her painting "What the Water Gave Me".  Here is her painting:

There are various images of things that affected her life greatly: her right foot is scarred from having polio as a child, her parents' pictures are in there, scenes of her body being unable to produce a child are associated with the earth being unfertile, the communist symbol is in there, etc. etc.  I could write a book about her myself, but I'll let you research it a bit.
Here is my version:

what the water gave ME copy
In my version, I have all of my favorite people in my life, I have symbols for the things that are important to me, you can see my tattoo that represents my Grandma, you can see my ugly feet reflecting in the water.  I could put a lot more in the picture.  There are many more things that represent me, but I was really getting tired of working on that photoshop copy and paste, free transform, etc. etc....
I am still bummed out today. Had teary eyes a few times, I really could use some ibuprofen right now.  I'm trying not to.


  1. Incredibly meaningful. So creative...I think you do channel Frida. She had an amazing talent and you do to.

    I was thinking about you all day wondering how you were doing. I'm bummed out for you. :(

  2. Okay I think we were cosmicly connected today. Two reasons. 1. I saw a picture of Frida today and I thought, "wow, Melissa is living in constant pain like her" 2. I took a bathtub picture, too, before I knew what you did for today.

    I love this! It is a very personal collage with so much meaning. The reflections of your feet alone would make a great picture, but add to that the tribute to Frida and your representations of important things in your life - fantastic!

    I love you, Chica. You are such an amazing woman. I'm sorry that life and the neck have got you down. Hope the water also gave you some relief and some moments to rest.