Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 86/365 Need to recharge

I'm happy that I didn't have anything to do today because I am WIPED OUT.  I'm not sure why, but once again, I took sleeping pills, slept until almost 11am this morning and then pretty much got up, ate, watched a movie, slept again, went out to eat, slept again, and now I'm posting this in a hurry so I can go back to sleep. 
Anyway, I love to go out and do things and keep busy and never sit still, but today is one of those days that I'm happy to have just laid around.
Of course, laying down for me means ibuprofen because my neck doesn't do well laying down.  I hope I am more alert for tomorrow- it's back to school.


  1. Good to have a day like this...I'm glad you treated yourself. Keep those batteries charged, girl...we need you on 100% power.

  2. As busy as you are, you might need a few more batteries. ;) Glad you had a day to relax and recharge