Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89/90 Hyacinth and shutter speed lesson

OK, this is a lesson in shutter speed and how it relates to ISO and aperture for my new photographer friends.

Today was a very sunny day when I went to take my daily picture.  I knew that because it was very bright out, I should put my ISO to 100, which is as low as it goes on my camera (on some cameras this goes lower).  I wanted to use a wide open aperture (f2.8 on this lens) to get a bit of depth of field because I like that, but I knew that if it was too wide open it would make the picture too bright, blowing out the subject.  So, I chose to use a very quick shutter speed so that the amount of time the camera was open to light would be very quick.  I chose 1/1000 sec, which is really fast. As you can see, the picture still came out very bright, but not so bright that it blew out the flower, but there is still some blur on the mulch in the back of the flower.
I really like to use high shutter speeds when possible because it makes the pictures tack-sharp since it cuts down on the camera shake.  Unfortunately, unless there is a lot of light, to get such high speeds I would have to up the ISO. Hope that helps a bit (P). 


  1. Yes, it does...errrr after I read it three times. The next time we get together I need some hands on lessons. Wed?

    P which is not for p-hotographer

  2. P- you want to get together Wednesday? I can probably do sometime this weekend if you want. Maybe we can go shoot somewhere and I'll try to show you some stuff.

  3. Well, I thought maybe Wednesday at the Camera Club? Don't know....

  4. I think the club is the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month-so I think the next time they meet is April 12 and 26?