Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62/365 Need a little Luck


It is 5 days before the concert and there are still insurance issues.  I really need a little luck to make this happen.  My nerves are shot.
This is a horseshoe that says Mom on it that the kids got me one time when they went with Rich to a war re-enactment or something.  I love it because it's from them.  I really hope that it brings me some luck...soon.
Today, I haven't had any pain at all.  I did have a bit of dizziness, but not too bad. I'm pretty sure that is because I woke up about 1am and stayed up most of the night.  I think I dozed off about 4am and woke back up at 5.  Anyway, when I lay down it makes things worse, so when I get up in the middle of the night and play around on the computer and sit up, I'm not laying down so somehow the pressure doesn't build up in the back of my head or something.?  At least today was a good day.


  1. being up all night sucks! I'm happy you had a good day though. Wishing you some luck. "LUCK LUCK LUCK"
    5 more days...just 5 more days...keep breathing.

  2. woo hoo for a no pain day. You needed that, sister. Lots of luck in the week ahead. It feels like you've been stressing over this concert for a long time. Hoping we all get some sleep tonight and then...ready for the weekend.

  3. Love that it's engraved with MOM! Too cute and sweet. 5 days will be here before you know it!