Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65/365 Half Awake

So this picture represents how I feel most of the time.  I lay down and I start hurting, wake up in the middle of the night, take medicine, fall halfway asleep, take pain medicine that lets me only be's never ending.  I feel like I'm in a fog 24/7.  I wish I could sleep like normal people and boy, think of what I would accomplish!  Today I was in such a fog that I went to take pictures with my friends, had all of my lenses, but forgot the camera.  Nice.  Of course, I had quite a bit of medication in me, so I'm lucky I remembered to get dressed.  Sure wish I could find a solution.
EXIF: f2.8, 1/40 sec, ISO 400, 100mm, no flash, shutter release cable
This is a 2-shot combo also.  One was a picture of my eye open, one was a picture of my eye closed, I made 2 layers out of the shots, played with opacity a bit until I liked what I saw, desaturated the picture, went to duo-tone mode with some black and a light blue shade, then went to RGB color and saved it as a jpeg.


  1. This is really cool! I can't wait to learn how to do stuff like this. Thanks for the outing today. Time with you is the best medicine for me.


  2. P- Thanks- I thought it turned out kinda cool. Any time you want to sit down and learn how to do some of this stuff, just let me know. You know I'm obsessed with it.
    I love all of our outings and agree that it's the best medicine for all of us.

  3. Ahhhem? My invite must've been lost in the mail...
    : (

    Hope you girlies had fun!

  4. :( Sorry Joe Schmoe, it was a last minute unplanned thingy. We'll see ya on the 13th.

  5. Wow! Cool idea.
    Thanks for all the tips and advice today. Well, everything really. Paige is right. Time with you is the best medicine.

    Sorry, Joi. Looking forward to the 13th.