Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82 Frida love

It's no secret that I love Frida Kahlo.  I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows me at all knows that I am pretty much obsessed with her.  I'm sure this shows to my students as well and one gave me a Frida necklace today!
I tried to shape the chain part of it into a heart, but it's not bending so easily, so this is the best I could do!
I never expect my students to give me anything, but they surprise me pretty often with little tokens of stuff from pictures they draw, to cards, to gift cards, to tickets when their parents can't use them...etc.  A student even made me a bookshelf this year!  Now I get a necklace! Wow!  I thought this little gift was amazingly sweet.  She was at a store in Edwardsville and saw it and told me that she knew that it should belong to me.
Well, suh-weet!  Anyway, this is a quickie shot because I just got home from a really amazing movie and dinenr at PI.  I'm wiped out and on my way to bed. This was a good day all the way around.
frida necklace


  1. Your student was right...that is def. something you should own.

  2. Glad you had a great day. You do have some sweet and thoughtful students who love their Momma Beck!