Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 61/365 Longing for summer


I LONG for summer at this point of the year.  There are probably no more snow days, I'm frustrated with so many things, I'm tired, I'm in the dumps, the weather has been gray way too long.  I need to see the sun and be out in my pool lounging around.  That would help so much.
What do I see when I look out at the pool?  It's covered, the water is gross, the summer grasses are brown and dead. At least the sun is out so it's not so gray today, and there is a somewhat cool reflection in the pool.  I really, really wish summer vacation was here right now.
Today I woke up at 3am.  I was in some pain, not horrible.  I tried to fall asleep and I dozed off and on until the alarm went off.  I had neck and arm pain during the day, some dizziness.
I came home and cleaned today because since I've just been laying around for the last 2 days the house looked like we live in an episode of "Clean House" with old food, grease, dishes, clothing, papers, wrappers, trash, everywhere.  When I let it go for even a day it gets messy because God forbid anyone else lift a finger to clean up.  Obviously, none of this was my mess because I haven't done anything the last 2 days but mope.  I've got to get away soon.
Anybody that is a prayer person, please send one up for me that this concert insurance issue resolves.  I think if that would work out I could sleep a little better.


  1. Come summer!!! I'm right there with you. Yuck on the cleaning and the neck and arm pain. What was the name of that disease you think you have?


  2. P-chiari 1 malformation. Any time you want to go away on a trip, let me know. I hear an island calling my name.

  3. You're ALWAYS in my prayers, Melissa. I so want you pain to go away and this concert crapola to go right!!! xoxo

  4. I'm with you both. Summer hurry quick! We need warmth and sunshine and girl time in the pool!

    That sucks that you're not getting help when you do feel good. grrr. I hope that the concert works out. I know thats a big stressor for you.

    I like the dark reflection contrasted with the sun light.