Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 68/365 Trevor Hall


Well folks, here he is- the great Trevor Hall!

I have stressed over, cried over, laughed over, you name it- this concert since August of this year!  My Student Council kids, who are wonderful and dear to my heart, wanted to have Trevor come to our school as part of our annual Tigerstock concert at the end of the year.  I contacted "his people" through his contact information on his website and have been working at paperwork, dealing with ignorant tech people, dealing with insurance issues, and basically going insane for 7 months now.  Last night made it all worth while.

The 3 bands comprised of our high school students did an excellent job and I was very proud of and happy for them.  They were the winners out of 12 auditioning bands and were voted on by our student body.  They opened the concert.  After they went on, Matthew Santos played about 1/2 hour.  He was pretty amazing too and I'm happy I got to hear his music.  This is me and Matt...


After he did his part of the show, Trevor Hall came on after a little technical difficulty.  The kids were going nuts when he finally came on!  He did an AMAZING job, and was just my type of guy- dreadlocks, barefoot on stage, all tattooed up with spiritual and philosophical tatts, kept saying "cool", was very relaxed and "yeah, man, groovy"- like.  I fell in love with him automatically.  Then, he started to sing and wow, was I impressed!  On YouTube he doesn't sound the way he did last night.  It just doesn't do him any justice!  He was absolutely amazing with the kids last night too- he really was very uplifiting to them, supportive and clapping and cheering them on as they played their part in the show.  He stayed after to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids {and adults} and then after that, he "hung out" with the Student Council kids and just sat and talked to them for a while.  I did not leave the building until 11:40.  It was worth it.

stuco with trevor

Anyway, the man is awesome and has my uttmost respect and I am now a huge fan!
{Or should I say I have a little crush?}

me and trevor 2

me and trevor

I am excited by what happened last night- we raised about $3700 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. But I am also relieved that it isOVER!


  1. Yipee! now big sigh of relief. Whew. So glad this was a success! Way to go!

    Great concert photos! The first one reminds me of the one from the class we took. Spot metering? Nicely done.

    PS - if you hop on his tour bus, send me a postcard from your next stop ;)

  2. Well, you two DO look great together. You handled everything like a champ and I'm so glad you are feeling all your efforts are worth it. I know those kids were uberexcited! Great work, Mama Beck!

  3. I'm happy everything went better than expected.