Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 87/365 Strawberry in milk

So today I went to school but got a call from Richie's school that he was sick.  I figured that might happen because he was up sick most of the night with a stomach ache and going to the bathroom like every 10 minutes.  I'm not sure why he feels the need to tell me every time he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but I got announcements so many times that I decided to go sleep in his room so he could be closer to our bathroom, which he prefers for some reason, and I could hopefully get some sleep.
Nope, that didn't work.  He walked all the way from my bedroom, back to his to make more announcements.  Where is Rich during all of this???  I guess asleep.  Must be nice.
Anyway, he seemed like he was a bit groggy when I shipped him off today, but not feeling too bad.  I made sure to let him know that he would have to call my cell phone if he wasn't feeling good because Rich was on a field trip with Stephen today.  I got the call about 9am and headed to his school to get him.
I laid down by him and watched some TV with him and we both fell asleep for a little while.  He seemed like he was OK, but he said his stomach was really hurting him a lot.  I'm hoping this is just diarrhea cramps and not something serious.  So, since I had the afternoon off, around 2 I decided to try to do some shots where I captured a strawberry being dropped into milk.  I love those shots.  But, I couldn't seem to capture any so I got the shots below.  One, with a drop in front of strawberries and the other, just a plain strawberry shot.  Unfortunately, I was shooting in jpeg, so the milk is a little bit reddish.  UGH.  I am used to shooting in RAW now, and so I can mess with that afterwards. Guess I wasn't paying attention to white balance.

strawberry drop

I've decided to join the Collinsville camera club.  I think it will do me good to go hang out with other photo nuts.  They have lessons there, guest speakers, competitions, etc.  There is one in St. Louis that I've thought about joining for a while, but driving over there every Wednesday just seems tooooo time consuming.  So, the Collinsville one is only every other Tuesday and it's only about 15 minutes from my house.  I may give it a whirl next week.
I hope that I don't get Richie's stomach bug. 
EXIF info #1: f 3.5, 1/500 sec, 100mm, ISO 200
EXIF info #2: f 3.5, 1/250 sec, 100mm, ISO 200.  I had lamps up on both sides to get more speed.


  1. Did ya eat some afterwards? Yum!
    Geeking out with other photo nerds sounds fun. I'll give it a try.

  2. I think the pics are great! I hope you stay far away from that stomach bug!!!

  3. I'm thinking of joining the club too...I'm just so so amature that I'm not sure I'd fit in but maybe if you were both going I'd be ok.

    I love the shineyness to the berry. Yum.