Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 81 Netflix movies

winters bone
One of my favorite things is Netflix! 
I love movies. Pretty much any type of movie is up my alley and I'll gladly go to a movie with anyone that needs company, just because once I get there, I know I'll enjoy myself no matter what we're watching.
I used to be a regular at Blockbuster when we lived in Collinsville because they rented foreign films and I love those.  When we moved to Troy, we had Movie Gallery for a while and their selection was a lot smaller, but they still had some foreign films.  I was pretty much a regular there too.
When I got a free trial of Netflix I signed up and I found a little slice of heaven!  There are literally thousands of foreign, independent, romantic, comedy, drama, action, etc. movies waiting for me instantly and the newer movies are on DVD, but I can exchange them as frequently as I want or keep them as long as I want without fees.  Suh-weet!  For $14 a month (2 out at a time) I get all of this joy.  Not a bad deal!
Anyway, my rental I just received today was Winter's Bone.  I've already seen this movie in the theater, but let me tell ya, it is AWESOME!  It is about a girl who is on a mission to find her father in the Ozarks because he has to be present for a court date or they will lose everything.  We're talking EXTREME poverty here, and it's not too far away!  The girl goes through absolute hell and has to deal with a ton of meth dealers, and all kinds of horrible situations to find him.  This movie astounded me the first time watching it and I can't wait to watch it again!  It is a must see.
Evidently, this is a movie that is not too far from the truth about this area that is so close to the place  I call home.  It's scary to think that only about 4 hours from here things go on as terrifying as this.  Wowsa.


  1. I think this is on my que for when I reactivate.

  2. you do like some interesting and thought provoking movies. :)