Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79 Mad at the Moon

So here is the best shot I got of the stinking supermoon.  I'm mad {mostly at myself for not being able to figure out what I'm doing wrong!} because I took a super-amazing-crisp-clear moon shot when I first got my camera and now I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 
Here is a little further away- looks ok, but no detail:
super moon

This picture is now the crap I'm getting:

It's not clear at all.  I thought maybe the hot tub on the deck was causing vibrations to the tri-pod, but I moved off of the deck and over by the field across from my house.  I'm still getting some weirdness on the moon and I believe that I'm using the same settings that I did before.  The only thing I can think of is that my 70-300 lens is messed up?  It works ok in about the 100mm range, but maybe when I go to 300 it messes up?

This is the moon I took previously at 300mm...


So, I know I can do better! UGH!  I guess it's my lens.  I'm so mad.  Here was a big ol' super moon and I get crap shots.  >:(


  1. Me too! I drove a around for an hour trying the find a spot and no luck! No super moon pictures at all.
    Love the clouds over the moon in the first shot.

    BTW-Missed seeing you gals friday. The email was buried in a bunch of junk email and I guess I missed it. :( Still glad you girls had some bonding time (and a margarita)

  2. M- Aw! I wondered why you didn't go! I tried calling you at home and on the cell, but no answer. We'll get ya next time!

  3. I think you're out of your mind...these pics are great! I'm mad at MYSELF because I got up really early, peeked out the window and went straight back to bed thinking it was too cloudy to get pics. No super moon for me either. I'm too lazy for this hobby.

  4. PMB, WW, you are not lazy. If I could sleep, I would sleep. I woke up and my neck was hurting and if I had stayed laying down, I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyway. I wish I could sleep!