Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74/365 My cousin on Wheel of Fortune!!!

My cousin Leah was lucky enough to be picked for Wheel of Fortune and made the trip out to CA about a month ago.  I've been anxiously awaiting for her show to air since then because she has been tight-lipped about what she won.  I'm so happy that her show aired without interruption and she won a total of $34,500!!!!
I was at her house this evening for the "viewing party" and she put out a full spread for all of us and even had door prizes and cash prizes set up for guessing how much she actually won.  I won that prize!!!
I'm so very happy for her and her family.  Leah is an amazing person and I'm proud to call her my cousin.  I've grown up with the girl, she lived at my house in Collinsville for a while, she's been there for me through thick and thin. Anyway, the pictures aren't that great tonight because they are pictures of her on the TV (except the cake pic), but they're not horrible for pictures of a TV.





  1. Did your cousin win one mil????? Wow! If not still an exciting experience and so surreal to see someone I sort of know on TV.
    Congrats to her for winning and to you for winning too.

  2. Can I buy a vowel? OOOOOO...she looked good on tv.
    I like that you took "screen shots". So what's with the million dollars?

    Congratulations, Leah. Way to go!
    Yeah for you. Melissa, for guessing how much she won!

  3. No, I wish she had! She got the million card and had to win the bonus round and then spin the card again...She still did a good job!

  4. I loved watching her on TV!!! Yay Leah!

  5. Thanks cuz for the love and shout out on your famous blog, which i'm finally catching up on reading for this week :) I feel so special.

    In addition, thanks to your fab friends too for the comments.

    Love UUUUUU!!!!!!!