Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random pics of Richie

See the 365 post below for my daily, but I was able to bribe Richie into taking some pictures today.  A friend of his called and wanted him to go play, so I told him that was fine as long as he actually let me take 3 good pictures of him before he left.  Since he's turned into a teenager, he's weird, eats nonstop, plays video games and is basically "normal", but he will NOT let me take his picture!  So, if bribery is what it takes, bribery it shall be!
Anyway, I liked these 3, so I let him off the hook and he went to hang with his best friend today.  My favorite is the black and white.  I am really getting into black and white for people pictures for some reason.  Go figure.


  1. Awe. If bribery works, use it! Its kinda weird, he really favors Rich in these but he has your eyes. BTW great catchlights.

  2. I like the middle one best. He looks like a sweet and handsome boy. He doesn't look weird but I know from being with Megan, they are. Temporarily I hope.