Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42/365 You melted my heart

OK, this is a photoshop deal right here folks.  It started out  that I was trying to make a sparkler heart around the candle heart, but I couldn't ever seem to get the sparkler heart centered right, so I just photo-shopped the candle into the shape of a heart to give it some interest.

Not my favorite picture, but it'll do for tonight. 

I hate Valentine's Day and pretty much always have, but since it's right around the corner I figured I'd start a VDay theme, but I couldn't quite give up the fire yet...

EXIF: f 5.6, 2 second exposure, ISO 100, no flash, tripod.


  1. Oh did you "draw" the heart with the sparkler? I think I see. Yup, that great holiday is just around the corner. yup.


  2. PS...I keep looking at the numbers at the top. I cannot believe you've been doing this for 42!!! days! Wow....that's some stamina.

    I accidentlly published before I wrote on my blog...I went back and wrote but you may want to skip it...pretty crappy.

  3. I was thinking about you and sparklers earlier! how weird.
    I like how you combined the two themes and shaped the candle into a heart. did you add the pink color or use a pink sparkler?
    gotta love the good old vday.

  4. Since I shot it in RAW I just changed the white balance to get the red in the heart.
    I hate VDay. Ick.