Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 41/365 Back to the flames

So I'm back at it today, burning things up, taking pictures. I still have a lot of pain and dizziness going on, but I stuck it out through school and now I'm at home in my PJs.  At least tomorrow is an institute day for us, so I can just sit there and absorb (or drift away, depending).  

This picture is four matches, stuck in a styrofoam paper plate and put in front of a black background.  I like it because it reminds me of two different couples.  One, on fire together, hot and passionate; the second, standing alone with flames keeping them apart.

Evidently, I love fire.  The colors, the challenge of catching the picture before the flame goes out or burns down my house, the excitement, you name it.  

EXIF info: Canon T2i, 100mm Tokina lens, f8, 1/2 sec, ISO 100, no flash


  1. I love your little story about the two couples. When I first saw the pic I thought it was a trick with a mirror. You really do catch a lot of the colors on your fire firestarter!

    My pic is of ice today so we're fire and ice.


  2. PS. Hope the neck and dizziness gets better. You should get a Reiki massage!

    Thank Gawd tomorrow is the weekend.

  3. It sucks that you have deal with this neck thing so much. Glad to see you're back at it, but sorry your still not feeling up to par. I hope it gets better quickly.

    I'm still loving this series. Fire is exciting to photograph. I am a little worried that you might be a pyromaniac though. he he I'm with Paige, I love the story and colors and I thought it was a mirror thing too. How'd you time this to get them lit and snap it before they when out?

  4. To time it right, I got it all set up and focused, had the shutter release cable in my left hand, struck the match, lit all 4 matches and took a few pics as it burned, adjusted the shutter speed as I went depending on what it was looking like.
    I think I might be turning into a pyro too...