Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 58/365 Chips n salsa

Chips n' salsa- Goes together perfectly!  Great together when you add more to it, great by themselves, but much better together!
After seeing my friend Joi present at the Working Women's Survival Show today, Paige, Jeannie and I headed to Tio Pepe's restaurant to grab some lunch.  Although I was very thirsty and sucked down 3 Cokes right away, I wasn't actually that hungry until they brought out the chips and salsa.  I ravaged through these like there was no tomorrow!  I love chips and salsa- they go soooooooo well together!

chips n salsa

Kinda reminds me of me and my girls...we go soooooooo well together too!  We can function alone very well, but stick us together and we're so much better :)  Kinda like this picture....
You'd never guess it to look at it, but this is actually 2 pictures put together to make one good picture...

Joi's Mom took 2 pictures of the four of us.  In one, I was in focus and in the other the other 3 of them were in focus.  So, I took the 2 pictures to photoshop, made 2 layers out of the different photos, put the one of me in focus on top, erased the part of the picture with Joi, Jeannie and Paige from the top photo so that you could see the 2nd photo underneath where they were in focus and merged the 2 pics.  Viola!  A picture where all four of us are in focus!  Yay for photoshop!



  1. Yeah for the Yayas, photoshop, and chips 'n' salsa.

  2. That was good salsa with good friends. The salsa muskateers together or not. So cool how you can put two together like that. And hey I nearly like that pic of myself in the group. new bloggy friend has started her own 365 project if you'd like to follow. Technically YOU inspired her.

  3. Oh, dang! Those chips and salsa look delicious!! Yumola!

    And, THANKS a bazillion for coming today--you are so sweet, Melissa!

  4. What a great pic of us! I had no idea that was two photos!! Great job!