Friday, February 4, 2011

Beautiful picture updated...

My friend P took this beautiful picture the other day and I really really liked it.  A lot.  The picture is very beautiful compositionally- the tree is placed in the foreground, to the right, using the "rule of thirds", there is a gorgeous snowy field and a beautiful farm scene in the back ground.  What really set this picture off, is the morning light, a beautiful orange-ish-pink glow that reflected off of the ice covering the tree.
I think P is a photographer and doesn't realize it!  I wanted to prove this to her, so I took her picture and put it into Photoshop CS2 and took the steps listed on the 2nd picture to enhance the beauty that was in the picture.
All digital pictures come out and need a little "fixin'".  Even on my camera, some sharpening has to be done, etc.  If it's a picture I think is really pretty , I play with it in Photoshop.  If it's just a snapshot of family or friends, I probably just leave it SOOC (straight out of camera).
Anyway, I wanted to take this amazing picture and play with it a little to prove that anybody with a camera can take awesome pictures- ya don't need a fancy camera. :)


  1. great idea! I like the fixin's. P really nailed this one and you brought out more of the existing beauty. Great job to both of you.

  2. PS I forgot to say I love you.