Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45/365 Burnin' down the house

I hate today.  I hate this holiday.  Now, I almost burned down my kitchen.
I thought I'd show a picture of a heart on fire, I took a candy heart and tried to do the alcohol thing again, it got out of control after the second shot and Richie grabbed a towel.  Instead of trying to smother the fire, he started hitting it with the towel and scattered alcohol all over the counter.  The flame shot  down the counter.  I tried to put it out with the faucet hose, and it took about 5 minutes before I got it to go out.  I was left with crappy pictures, a soaked counter and floor and one more crappy thing today.


  1. Oh my! Is everybody okay? No burns? How much damage was done to the kitchen? So sorry you're having a totally poopy day. I'm at home if you need to call and vent.

    Thanks for the tips on finding inspiration.

  2. no burns. i do need to vent but i need to calm down- tears are flowing right now. maybe we can talk tomorrow.

  3. 5 minutes? That is IT! I'm coming over there and confiscating all firestarting material. It was a cool idea and the pics are cool too, I think.

    Call me and let me know who I need to shank for you.

    Curbside ovaltine is served if needed.

    I hate this holiday and this month too.

  4. Boo all the way around. I don't like seeing the word tears. I'm here for you girl.

    LOVE you!!! And, I'm glad you all are safe!