Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 49/365 Honest Abe

I think he is probably my favorite president.  I like some of the stories about him and although I'm not too fond of pennies, I kind of like their color.
I decided since we're off for presidents' day on Monday I'd be sort of patriotic and post something about the old guys.
I think when our country started, these men were honest and wanted the best for everybody.  I don't think it was about who could give the most to their party and it wasn't about playing peoples' emotions about such issues as gay marriage and abortions.  Our leaders didn't have financial ties to other countries and need to please their leaders or be the big bully on the block so that we could have their oil.  We were just trying to be free.
I love the miniseries that was on HBO about John Adams a couple of years ago.  It made me feel inspired by these men.  I'm sure that our founding fathers were an awe-inspiring bunch.  Yes, they had faults too, but like I said before, they were more worried about the good of all.
I think that is far from the truth today.  I am not a fan of our government.  I understand that it may be a lot better than some of what is out there, but it's still a far cry from perfect.
EXIF info: f/8, 1/80 sec. ISO 200, 100mm macro lens, flash, compulsory

I don't like the composition of this shot.  I chopped off the bottom of the coin because I was in a hurry to do the shot and wasn't really paying attention to the fact that I didn't have the whole coin in the pic.  Oh well, I'll try no to chop up the next presidential photo.

In medical news, I am having my typical reaction to the neck injections.  I'm red and hot.  However, I slept all night last night and I haven't had to take any ibuprofen at all today.  I've had a bit of dizziness here and there, but not anything bad.  Pardon the break from photo talk, but I've decided that I need to start writing down all of this stuff that way I can tell the doctors definite times and dates on things.

I'm really looking forward to Monster Jam tomorrow and the botanical garden orchid show on Sunday! 


  1. That is do you get a plain old penny to look like THAT! Lincoln is my favorite historical figure too. I love imagining what it must have been like back then.
    So happy to read the pain is less.

  2. Wow! Great detail and color. cool first shot for the president day series.

    I'm so happy the shots are working and you're feeling better. Especially in time for a fun 3 day weekend.