Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 55/365 Living room

living room

So as of today, this is my living room.  I bought the couch in the middle when we first moved into the house and I still really like that set.  But...the dog has ripped a hole in the one cushion on the couch and the love seat's back is broken, so it's down in the basement.  We brought up the basement recliners so we would all have a comfortable place to sit when we watch TV, but the kids have torn up the recliners by sitting on the backs of them and now when you recline, you go ALLLLLL the way back to the floor.  The white couch in the corner was my cousin's and I thought it was cute and had big plans to reupholster it, but that's not my strong suit, so it hasn't happened yet.  The coffee table was a craigslist find and the corner cabinet was from a yard sale.  What a bunch of junk!

Well my friends, last night we bought a new leather sectional!  It comes with 3 sections.  2 electric recliners with a table in the middle, the middle section,  2 recliners with a third seat in the middle.  I plan to put it along the wall where the couch is, with the middle section where the corner cabinet is and have the 2 electric recliners where the recliners are now.  We should still have a little walkway next to that to come into the living room.  I'm going to get rid of all of the furniture in the room and get a new pie-piece table for the triangle in the middle of the sectional and eventually some sort of a ginormous patterned chair for the corner where the fainting couch is.  Because we had to special order the leather in the color we wanted (the floor model was off white leather-ick for me) we have to wait 5 or 6 weeks for them to make it. We got it at the Tin Shed furniture store in Highland because we got their flyer and thought we should check it out.

In that 5-6 week wait we're going to go get our new carpet and have it installed.  So hopefully pretty soon my living room will be looking back in shape.  Ha!  That's what Rich gets for trying to have a man cave!!!


  1. My've been busy! How exciting and lots to look forward to. I've never heard of an electric recliner. Can't wait to see the after picture.

  2. Love your & Paige's photos :) You both have a very special talent xo

  3. If he got the man cave, what do we get to call the new livingroom? - The queen's lair? Woman's retreat? Princess Palace? The oasis?

    Sounds like we'll need to have a "new name"-warming party. he he Can't wait to see the finished results.

  4. New Year Mum- Thanks! You're my first comment from a person I don't personally know :) You made my day!

  5. Um, you were THAT close to my house and I didn't get to see you? Explanation, please! ; )

    But seriously, I can't wait to check out the new sectional, and by "check out" I mean lounge around on!


  6. Joi- yeah, I had actually just talked to you on the phone and you've been SICK, remember???
    And yes, I'm hoping that the sectional makes our "ovaltine" a little easier when we are too old to sit on the floor :)