Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37/365 Playing with fire

OK, I am so STOKED right now it's unreal.  I got the "fire in the bottle" settings right, my pictures are not grainy and I think they turned out SUH-WEET!!!

 In some of them, the glare in the front is caused by a reflection from the patio doors kinda screwed them up, but I think it's funny that you can see my and the kids' reflections in the glare.  Of course, the kids thought this was absolutely fun.  I lit the match while they pressed the shutter release cable and they thought that was fun too.
 The picture above this and the one below this, I shut off the extra light and avoided the glare.  These are pretty cool.  At this point I was looking for anything that I thought would light :)
 On the last one, Stephen pressed the shutter release cable a little too soon and caught my hand in the picture.  I actually think that I like this one the best because it gave it a little point of interest, even though the glare is on there.
The EXIF info is the same for all: Canon T2i, 100mm Tokina lens at different distances depending on the size of the bottle (filled the frame), ISO 100, f 5.6, 3.2 seconds exposure, shutter release cable on tripod.

The trick seems to be that the room should not be completely dark, but have some ambient light.  I think the shorter bottle also worked better (the rounder shaped one is a vinegar bottle with the label removed).  I shook the alcohol around to coat the inside of the bottle and then let it sit with the top OPEN for about 15 seconds.  Then, I just barely put the match over the top and it lit- WHOOSH!  I think that it worked better if I used about 2 capfuls of alcohol instead of a lot too.  Dang this was fun!!!!


  1. AMAZING!!! Worried that you're becoming a pyromaniac though. Or an acoholic with all the empty wine bottles.

    Truly great pics! I got so excited when I saw the thumbnail in my reader and on the actually blog they took my breath away.

  2. Oh yeah, you rock! These are so cool (hot?). I think I like the last one best too. I like how you can see the flame coming out of the top AND swirling in the bottom. These are awesome, you had a blast doing, you got the family envolved. Does it get any better?

  3. Ladies, this was so fun, I may start burning random things. If you see an arsonist was arrested on the news, you may have to bail me out of jail ;)