Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 57/365 Reflections



So, today has been a weird day and I guess I'm "reflecting" on it (ha ha).  I went to Forest Park to take some pictures early in the morning and only managed to take a couple.  Everything was dead looking and boring.  Joel and I went to the Mayan exhibit and then went back to his house for some lunch.
My head was pretty much killing me the whole time, and that was after waking up in the middle of the night and having to suck down some ibuprofen about 3 am and then taking another dose about 8am, 1pm, and 5pm.  I guess the neck shot high is over.  I'm in a lot of pain yet again and finding it hard to stay awake right now at 8pm.  :(  boo on that.
I am looking forward to the Working Women Survival Show tomorrow where my awesome, semi-famous friend Joi  will be presenting her mad skills.  My awesome friends Paige and Jeannie are going with me :)  I'm sure we will have an awesome time.  Hopefully some sleep and another dose of medicine will kick this pain enough to get through tomorrow.


  1. OOOO...I like these. I've been wanting to try some relections lately too. Both are beautiful, but I think I like the second picture best. Did you but a dark purple-ish tint on it, or is that my monitor? Either way I like how it looks;)
    Sorry you're in pain again. Any word from the specialist yet?
    Have fun tomorrow and cheer extra loud for Joi for me.

  2. I did duo-tones for the black and white. I don't see purplish on my screen, but that would make sense since I did a mix of black and a blue tone.
    I have my neurologist appt. on Monday. I'm sure he won't really do too much except maybe write me a prescription for something or send me off for a test. I just wish someone would FIGURE ME OUT!!!

  3. I think it's wild that we took similar pics yesterday. Well, I tried to anyway. I aspire to take this kind someday. Thanks for being patient and explaining stuff 10000000000s of times.

    Great day today and I'm really rooting for this doc. I think he could be the one.