Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 48/365 Neck shots

So I had my appointment with the doctor today and guess what, folks?  Remember that conversation with "We'll take good care of you"?  Yep, that's the one that he tried to have again.  So, when he asked if I had any questions, I asked if he thought significant dizziness was something I should be concerned with.  That made him look up over his glasses!
He asked me about it and I told him what has been going on with it and all of the new little things that are going on.  He referred me to a new neurologist.  He also did a different kind of injection, or rather injections on me today. 
Usually I have to lay on my back and he comes in from the side, closer to where the pain is.  Today, he had me on my stomach and he put in multiple shots and I could feel him in there with his needle moving around.  Ewww.  It hurt.
Anyway, when I got up, he had me go to the front desk and give them the information to make an appointment with a neurologist (My current guy is a pain management specialist/neurologist).  I looked him up and he receives excellent ratings from his patients, but his specialties are neurology and ....multiple sclerosis!  Well, of course, me and my Web MD degree started to flip right out on that, so I had to check out what MS was.  I'd heard the word before, but I never really knew what it was.
Turns out that one of the big symptoms of MS is dizziness, so I'm assuming that is why he referred me to this guy.  However, most of the other MS symptoms don't fit my symptoms, so I'm going to have to hope to heck that I don't have this disease.
After recovering in the recovery room and taking care of the referral information, I had lunch with Joel.  He is freaked out about all of this and has his medical family members who are at SLU on my case checking things out for me. It's always good to have him on my side.
In non-medical news, I tried to upload my pic today and it said I was out of space on here!  WHAT???  So I had to delete some of my former pics in order to post this one.  If you try to look for earlier pics, ya won't find many.  Anybody got a solution for this???
EXIF info for my lousy pic today: f/8, 1/80 sec, ISO 200, 50mm, flash, compulsory


  1. OH NO! NONONO. We cannot handle one more thing. NO. You do not have that. I refuse to even think that. It's good that the dr. listened to you this time. Another doc....perhaps this is the one who figures it out and cures you.

  2. PS. What do you mean out of room on here? On the blog or your computer? If it's the blog I think you can just delete some off picasa. Not sure.

  3. The blog. I deleted some pics from "google pictures" or whatever it's called. I just can't believe that I'm already out of space??? Blogspot asked me to purchase more space and it wouldn't let me upload this pic until I deleted some.

  4. I'm with Paige! NO NO NO! Not You and Not now.
    I'm glad you were your own advocate today and that the doctor heard you. Also glad Joel's family is on the case. Maybe now you will get treatment that works and better yet a cure. How are you feeling now that you've had thess new shots? any reactions?

    How are you already out of space?! Are your pics extremely large or is our alottment that small? That sucks that you had to delete some. Can you resize the files and still keep decent quality?

  5. Mendy-I'm starting to get really hot, but that's normal for me. Not turning red yet. We'll see what I look like when I get up in the morning.
    I guess my pics are really big?? I do shoot in raw now, so maybe that's why. Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can upload the link to a picture if it will put the pic in and not use space. We'll see.