Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40/365 Too sick to pic

These are not my pictures, they are PBs from last night at the Fox watching 9 to 5 the Musical.  We got to meet Diana Degarmo- runner up to Fantasia Barrino on the 3rd season of American Idol.
I just haven't been able to get up today to take my own pic- my neck is totally screwed up today and I called to get a neck injection and they can't get me in until the 17th :(
I won tickets to see 9 to 5 through Facebook and thought it would be a little cheesy, but it was pretty cool.  I didn't realize Diana Degarmo was going to be in it until PB told me so.  Then, during intermission, they brought out cast party tickets for afterwards, and I knew I had to meet her!  It was a good think PB brought her camera! I never bring mine when I'm going places like the Fox, the symphony, etc.  I guess I need to start!  Anyway, the cast party was interesting, and we left as soon as we met DD because we are all teachers and tired.  I am entered now to take a tour of the Fox with 5 friends, so hopefully I will win that too because I would love to go back and take some awesome pics of the whole theater and a private tour would give me some opportunity to do so!  Wish me luck.
Great pics PB!


  1. Such a cool evening with you and DD (our close personal friend). I hope your neck clears up. That really sucks that they can't get you in til the 17th.


  2. Wow, your neck must be really bad if YOU don't want to/can't take pictures. Sorry to hear that. What are your options for pain management between now and the 17th? Is there anything I can do for you?

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful night! Crossing my fingers that you get that tour. How cool would that be to take pics in the theater?!!

    P- Nicely done!

  3. Yes, it's horrible. I haven't gotten off of the recliner all day except to go to the bathroom.
    I hope I win the tour of the Fox and that you BOTH go with me to that! We'll all take pics together :)

  4. That really sucks! I hope it gets better quickly.

    I re-read my comment and it kinda sounds like I'm inviting myself if you win the tour. oops. That's not what I intended. I was hoping you would win and envisioning the detailed pictures YOU would take. I hope that came through okay. But it would be completely cool if we could all go take some together. :)

  5. I didn't read it like that- I want you to come :) Let's keep our fingers crossed.