Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 39/365 The Little Drummer Boy

My Dad loves to play the drums.  He played them in a rock band in high school and played them all the time when I was growing up. He used to blast the Beatles on our stereo at home and play along on the drums.  I would "flip flop" on the couch.  (That's what I called sitting cross legged and bouncing forward and backward off the couch back to music.  We had a really springy couch and when I bounced back, it bounced me forward and I would sit and do that for hours.  It's a wonder I didn't beat myself crazy.  No wonder I have neck problems!)  So, it's no wonder that his love for music and the Beatles passed on to me.

My Dad is an amazing man.  He is the absolute perfect man and I don't think any other man will ever be able to live up to him in my opinion.  He is a wonderful , kind soul and always put us before himself.  He is still working his butt off at 60 years old and I hope he retires in the next couple of years.  It's in "the plan" but he's said that before.

No exif info on these.  They were basically snapshots of him playing minus the two of the cymbals.


  1. Your Dad rocks!:) So cool that he still has the "groove". I love pictures of people just being themselves and doing their thing. These are the pictures you'll cherish.
    nice lighting on the cymbals and focus too. The second picture of your dad looks like he is the lead drummer in a band! Like its his picture in the CD.

    Cool "flipflop" story.

  2. Love these. Any girl who loves her daddy would appreciate these. I esp. like the one of him looking up. Shows who he really is in his eyes.

    Happy Father's Day Early.