Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 56/365 Sprinkles

So Friday nights are rough for me.  I'm wiped out from the week and after the bell rings I am DONE with everything.  Tonight was no exception.  I came home and sat down until my Mom showed up and it was time for us to go to my nephew's birthday dinner.  He turned 14.  Holy crap- I can't believe that he's that old!
So I manage to make it through dinner even though my head is swimming because I've had a pretty "dizzy" day today.  I looked around to see what was easy to take a picture of and thought of sprinkles because of a crazy picture I saw on Flickr the other day involving sprinkles.  So this is what I came up with:


Sprinkles.  I'm not that fond of sprinkles.  I don't think they add that much to a cupcake or cake, etc.  They make it pretty, but it doesn't change the taste and it makes a big mess.  Kind of like people- if the inside isn't good, it doesn't matter what the hell you add to the outside to pretty it up.  I like my cakes and my people to have good insides. I don't give a crap what they look like on the outside-and honestly, I don't notice that much.  I don't care if somebody is ugly, pretty, fat, thin, old, young, light-skinned, dark-skinned.  Some of my best friends are over 60 and some of them are still in their 20s.  I honestly don't think about it when I'm with that person.  I think about that person's being, their soul.  Not religious, but the essence that makes that person who they are.  I know lots of beautiful people that think they are all that but are so horrible to be around!  Give me  an ugly person any old day!  I don't want the sprinkles!!!

EXIF info: 1/13 sec, f 5.6, ISO 400, no flash, Tokina macro lens


  1. You're totally right, they DO make a mess, esp those round ones. You are the most accepting person I know as far as people with sprinkles or with out. I really love that about you.

    The pic is very cool though, and I like that the package in the background looks vintagey. To me anyway.

  2. I'm laughing out loud as I read this because I can totally hear you in this one!! You've always been such a good person to just see what and who a person is. I love you, girl!

  3. I agree! Both about the sprinkles and the "sprinkly" people.
    You are on of the best cupcakes around. You a truly are an "accepting" person. It's one of the things I love about you.
    You're awesome and so is the photo. I like how you captured the "decors" in the background. great dof.

  4. Thanks guys- I appreciate you all saying that I'm very accepting because that is a characteristic that I really want for myself and admire in others. I went off on this tangent because my Mom made a comment about how I should only hang out with married women tonight that are my age- otherwise I'm asking for trouble. I told her most of my friends were single and I couldn't help that! I just honestly don't ever notice "details" about people. If someone is nice to me, I'll generally like that person and if we have anything in common I'll probably hang out with that person. Oh well.

  5. Yes, I'm trouble! You better stay away! bawahhhhhhahahahaaaa