Sunday, January 2, 2011

Picture 1 Day 1

Pardon my tardiness on the very first day...I was pretty busy today and I'm just now posting this at about midnight on January 1...hopefully day 2 will go a little smoother!

This picture is a picture of me.  I figured that would be a good start to this thing.

I like the composition of the picture.  I think it is pretty sharp, and it doesn't show my double chin!

EXIF info:
Canon T2i 18mm
1/60th second at ISO 1600
external flash on, fired

What I could have done better- I wish I wasn't in such a hurry when I took this.  I couldn't decide what to do, and then I had plans at 2 different places.  I quickly snapped the picture and didn't think too much about it.

I could have made sure to get near a light source to get some better catch lights, also so I wouldn't have had to use such high ISO.  I don't think the picture looks extremely noisy.  Thank goodness my camera handles the ISO pretty well!

I will try to get something more interesting for day 2 :)


  1. Nice one to start off the year. You favor your mom in this shot. I like the detail in your face in hair. I agree that its not too noisy, esp for the high ISO. Nice light from the bathroom and window contrasted against the darker bed.