Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19/365 Yahooooooooooooo!

Yahoo for Mountain Dew!  I did get to take my picture for the day because we are off tomorrow!  Yahooooo!
I'm excited that I didn't have to slack!  As soon as I found out we were off, I posted my facebook status as Yahooooooooo!  That made me think of Yahoo for Mountain Dew!  So, when I saw the Mountain Dew can, I knew that I had to take the picture.  It was all too perfect.
Of course, looking at my blog and seeing one post is a picture of Nerds, another is a picture of Mountain Dew, I'm sure that we're getting the picture on why my rear end is so large that I can't balance myself while taking eagle pictures...
Anyway, you know the drill:
EXIF info: Canon T2i, Tokina 100 mm lens, f5.6, 1/60 sec, ISO 400, external flash on and fired to right.


  1. Really cool...reminds me of Andy Worhol. I just got the call that we're off too! Yahhooo Mountain Dew!!!!

  2. This one goes well with your blog backround. The colors go well together and Bokeh reminds me of the soda fizz. Its effervescent. yep gonna drink a soda now. Glad you got to post.

    I missed the call, but I saw online the we're off. Yahoo for mountain dew for me too!