Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 30/365 Fly Me To the Moon

This isn't the best picture.  I took this with the L glass lens, but I think I screwed up a couple of things.
When I take "moon" pictures- at least the ones I like, I turn the metering to spot meter, use an f-stop of about 8, ISO 100, and usually 1/60 second.  I had the fancy new lens to try out and tried it at 400mm, doing all of that, but I forgot to turn off the Image Stabilizer and I had it on a tripod.  Sometimes that can cause some vibration, thus not letting such a clear picture happen.  I also think that our hot tub was on, and maybe causing the deck to vibrate a little bit.  Anyway, I've taken better moon pictures with my little crappy 70-300 Canon non-IS lens before.  Oh well, after yesterday's outing I'm so exhausted I can't even focus. 


  1. My grandpa used to tell me that my dad had combined away the part of the moon. I love your nighttime photography.

  2. I like how you have the moon positioned in the frame. It gives a sense of the distance, but still makes the moon seem close.

    Paige - cool story.