Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22/365 recipes

After having my friend Paige's wonderful Chocolate Marshmallow Bars, I have been craving these babies.  Since tonight I am having my whole family over for some games and food, I decided to try and make her recipe.  I followed it pretty carefully, and this is what it looked like when I stuck it in the oven for the marshmallows to melt.  I think I used too many.

My Mom has been craving my Grandma's fudge recipe and nobody can figure out how to make it properly.  It's the old Hershey's fudge recipe from the 1950s that's hard and very sugary.  I can make the soft fudge without even looking at a recipe, but I can NOT figure out how my Grandma did this stuff.  Here is one of the first attempts today:

 It looked like it used to look when she made it, and I tried to make sure to boil the heck out of it so it would be hard.  Finally when it smelled like I was burning the pot, I took it off and poured it into the pie dish to see if it would harden properly.
Back to Paige's recipe- I cooled the cake with the marshmallows after spreading them.  My version didn't look very pretty like hers did.  I made the topping and in the middle of that had a distraction.  The chocolate for the top ended up getting too hard and when I tried to stir in the rice krispies, it was like molding clay.
My version isn't nice looking, but it tastes OK.
 Back to Grandma's fudge.  After cooling for a few hours, it is a pliable substance.  Not hard enough, not extremely soft.  I'm currently on batch number 3 trying to figure this out.  Any ideas?
Not posting EXIF info today.  I'm too busy getting fudge burns and trying to get things ready for tonight.


  1. ouch, sorry for the fudge burns.
    Great textures and story telling with the pics. If it was in a bowl and not a boiling pot, I'd want to stick my finger in the fudge and taste it! Can I like the spoon :)
    Have tons o' fun tonight.

  2. Thanks for the shout out...hope the fam enjoyed the treats. Mendy is right, these pics look good enought to eat. P