Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 18/365 Bruised

Here's my leg.  This is right under my left knee and hurts!  However, I guess it provided many good laughs, so all in all it's a good memory...Don't you love the way you can see the stubble if you look close enough?
I am actually feeling fine after my little spill last Friday- all except for this bruise. 
Anyway, not the best picture in the world- it's kind of hard to take a picture of something under your knee- but thought I'd post it since I've had several requests to see it.
EXIF info: Tokina 100mm macro lens, f9, ISO 800, 1/50sec, extermal flash on, fired ETTL


  1. Oh Melissa this looks so painful...I hope it fades fast. The stubble reminds me of one time when we were swimming at your house and Stephen climbed onto your lap and then complained about "pokers". We've had a lot of good times together.

  2. It is- it's so weird- when I step down, it's like the fat on my leg ripples down and makes it hurt :) I remember the "pokers" comment- I guess I need to learn to shave my legs every day ;) Yes, we've had a lot of wonderful times.

  3. Make sure to click on the picture so it magnifies and then you can really see them!

  4. LOL - Ladies, you crack me up! Pokers! the ripple effect! Good times!
    Melissa, FYI - its winter, you don't have to shave 'em 'til you can braid 'em!

    That does look painful! I bet you looked like a yoga master trying to get this shot;) Anyway, I'm glad that the rest of your injuries are fine.

  5. Yeah, trying to bend over enough to see through the lens while focusing was pretty amusing.