Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23/365 Richie and Stephen

This is the only picture I got around to taking today.  I've taken so many pictures since we had two snow days and my family party last night that  I am re-charging everything and I had the Danny Lee cello concert today at the Sheldon, so I am not going to be too creative today.

I will, however, tell you a new trick I've learned in Photoshop.  I'm sure that this can be done in Gimp as well and I really like the results.  First, go to Image>mode>desaturate and choose Grayscale.  Then hit Image>mode>Duotones and choose the 2 colors.  Then hit Image>mode>RGB colors and OK.  This will get the image into a black and white or black and ? and then make the image editable.  Now, you can click on Image>adjustment>color balance and play with the colors until you find the colors you like.

Now, this is what I recently discovered that is really making my latest pictures "pop" for me: Image>adjustments>shadow/highlight.  When you first click on this, the picture looks really bad.  Play with the amount of shadow and highlight (an adjuster bar) and I'm finding that I can really get some neat highlights on my pictures.  I'm using Photoshop CS2.  I'm sure the shadow/highlights button is in other programs, but may be elsewhere.

EXIF for this picture: Canon T2i with Tokina 100mm lens measured at 29mm, 1/200th sec, f4.6, ISO 100, external flash fired.


  1. It's okay if you weren't creative today. These two are your best creations ever.
    Thanks for the "how to" I'll have to play around and see how it works in Gimp.

  2. Yes, they are my best creations :)
    The shadow/highlight should work with color photos too.

  3. Beautiful boys. Beautiful Photo. Have a great week...