Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 31/365 Read my Hand

Can you picture me sitting over here drawing life, head, heart and fate lines on my hand?  I was checking this stuff out on the internet and trying to figure out which lines on my hand were what.  I am not sure if I have them correct.  I have way too many lines on my hand!  I couldn't pick which one was which line, and then, they broke up and went in different paths also.
EXIF: Canon T2i, 18-55mm lens at 36mm, f/5, 1/125 second, ISO 1600, no flash
I'm off school tomorrow and hoping to get some awesome ice shots! 


  1. becoming a palm reader? Interesting topic. Let me know what you figure out.
    I'm off tomorrow too. woot woot. Any particular ideas for photos to try (hoping to find) or just whatever comes?

  2. For tomorrow? I don't think I'll go drive in it if it's bad, but I'll see what happens in my yard and maybe do some shots there. If it's snow, I might go out, but if it's ice, I'll just hang here with some hot liquid...

  3. That's what I'm thinking too. Even if it's just snow, I probably won't wander too far.

  4. Hmmm most of my lines seem about the same length as yours. Isn't that how they read them by length? I'm off tomorrow too. Planning on reading a lot.