Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24/365 Chiquita

I have a picture of bananas tonight.  I kinda like the way they are spooning each other and I like the color and texture too.  I would never eat these bananas because they have brown on them, and that's not how I like them. I eat them as soon as all of the green goes away and then once they start getting the slightest bit mushy, they're no good to me.  Every once in a while I will put them in cereal this way, but not usually.
Anyway, this is my picture tonight because I have to go speak at a Board meeting tonight and I am so tired that I just didn't have enough energy to think.  I saw the bananas laying on the counter and thought they looked cute, so viola- a banana picture :)
EXIF info: Canon T2i, 18-55 mm kit lens at 24mm, f4.5, 1/40 sec, ISO 400, no flash.


  1. Good luck at the board meeting. I hope it goes well.

    I like the 'nanas! I like the texture of background too. Is it a paper towel?


  2. Thanks- The board meeting went OK- I always get nervous to speak in front of adults, but oh well.
    Yes, it's a paper towel :)

  3. I agree with P. I like the texture of the paper towel background. The 'nanas look good (picture color-wise) but I probably wouldn't eat them either. :)
    What was the meeting about? Stuco stuff?

  4. Yeah-had to introduce some award presenters