Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 11/365 Birdhouse

I was over at my parents' house today and took a few pictures.  I liked this birdhouse and thought it would make an OK picture for the 365 project.  I've started shooting in RAW.  I never did think it had too many advantages before, but read all the time that it was better to use because the photographer could choose how the picture looked.  I did some pictures for my cousin and shooting in RAW really does help because I was able to save a few pictures that had been overexposed.  So from now on, when I'm not just shooting snapshots I plan to shoot in RAW.
EXIF information: f16, 1/60th second, ISO 100, 32mm, no flash, shot in raw.


  1. Now you can get on of the shirts from FroKnowsPhoto ;) I saw something once that showed a little of what you can do if you shoot in RAW and it was cool! Way to go for learning how to do it.

    I like how the snow looks like it should slide right off of the birdhouse. Good exposure too.

  2. I love that the leaves in the background have some color and the varigated look of the wood the birdhouse is made of. Nice work, my friend.