Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6/365 Running Low

This picture sums me up right now in many aspects- running low.  I can't believe it's only the first week back after Christmas break- it seems like we've been back for an eternity.  The alarm goes off in the morning and I keep hitting snooze until I finally talk myself into actually getting up and going in.  I love my job, it's just physically I am exhausted.

I'm also running low with patience right now.  I'm tired of things at my house and want to run away sometimes.  The house is constantly messy and that is not because of me, but yet I pick up.  The kids smart off and Stephen just called me the b word, and I'm ready to knock the crap out of him.  However, I guess that is supposed to be wrong nowadays (even though I had the crap knocked out of me several times) so I ground him instead.  Now I have to deal with 2 weeks of no video games and he will be having a fit every day because I'm mean and won't let him play.
Rich also made me very mad yesterday.  He is so very selfish and doesn't know how to show compassion for anyone on the face of the earth.  Not even his own kids.  He's a pretty horrible person.

I think I have too much going on at any given time.  I have so much running through my brain every night I can't sleep.  I feel responsible for way too many things.  I don't want to have any responsibility for a while.  I just want to take off and go see new things.  I wish I could be a millionaire and just do what the heck I want.

Long post for a picture of a gas gauge, huh?
At least I like the way the picture came out today.

EXIF information:
Canon T2i, Tokina 100mm f2.8 lens
f2.8, 1/80 sec exposure, ISO 800.  flash off.

What I could have done better:  I wish the left side wasn't so dark.  I took the picture in the dark tonight when I got home from my Mom's house and I didn't use flash, so it kind of fades where it gets closer to the edge of the glass.  I don't think I could have used a flash because the glass would have reflected.  Maybe I should have done it in daylight.


  1. I'm glad you chose a simple shot for today. I'm sorry things are so crappy right now. men! SMH It seems you do have a lot going on and its understandable that you are feeling exhausted and like you are running low.
    If this project is too much, don't feel obligated. We already know that you are a wonderful photographer and that you are continually working on it. You enjoy it and I would hate for you to feel like a passion became a chore.
    If you need "ovaltine" let me know.

  2. I probably do need some ovaltine.
    The project is awesome- I don't feel obligated at all. I'm having fun with that.

  3. I'm pretty open right now, so just say when and where.
    I'm glad you're having fun with this. I am too.

  4. Let's go to Aruba. You can sell rum for a living and I'll rent mopeds. Let's run away.

  5. Let's go Paige. Any time.
    Mendy- I'm booked until Wednesday of next week. Maybe one night next week we can get together and try to see some eagles as they feed at dusk.

  6. Then we all shall go see eagles some day next week. When's good? I read that they are feeding at the lock and dam around sunset.

  7. Sounds good! I have a Spanish club "fiesta" at six on Thursday. Other than that, I think I'm open.