Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 151 - The effing lamp.

Oh little flowery lamp, why didst thou woo me in Ikea?
Thy beautiful glow with fringed shadows cast a spell on my heart.
Thou didst not show thine true colors.
Thou needest a different cord to shine. Dad knows how to rewire a lamp and managed to make it a swag lamp instead of a lamp that hooks up to a ceiling mount. He worked on it on Memorial Day and I thought that the rest would be easy. Wrong.

I brought it home and tried to paint it this morning. Well, who knew that 5 bottles of spray paint later I would be done with the 32,000 little flowers and the wires that hold them? Who knew that once the flowers were sprayed they would curl up like little spiders ready to run away? Who knew that I would have to flatten them out with my hands and get paint all over the place?

effing lamp

Who knew that Rich was so incapable of putting a plug onto a wire? Who knew that I would now be afraid of said lamp and would have to pray day and night that it doesn't burn down my house?

effing lamp 2

I think the lamp looks cool. It goes well with the living room now that it's painted. I'm not extremely thrilled with how I have it hanging. I couldn't find a bracket long enough to hang it from the wall, and I'm NOT drilling a hole in my ceiling which is slanted.

I don't think I'm cut out for the DIY business. I didn't enjoy standing in the sun spray painting. I didn't want to spend my time doing that either. I'm glad the lamp is finished!!!

effing lamp 3


  1. This is so cool, but totally not what I had pictured in my mind. ;)Sorry it was such a bear to do. It looks fantastic in your living room.

  2. I am seriously laughing out loud reading this post. I can see you doing all of the above and saying a few choice words! I would've helped silly lady! Next time give me a call! Anyhoo...I think it looks stupendous!

  3. I didn't realize you had bought the lamp. Guess I was too caught up in my own Ikea adventure that day. Who knew one light fixture could turn into such a challenge? Well, after all that, it looks fantastic!