Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 158 The baby bird

This afternoon Stephen walked out the door to go to his friend's house and I heard a big commotion with a ton of squawking birds.  They didn't sound happy.
He ran back inside and said there were a bunch of birds trying to attack him outside.  I went and got my camera...what did you think I would do?
A baby bird had fallen out of a nest and evidently wasn't quite ready to fly yet and the mama bird was trying to protect it.  I got one shot and yes, the birds were trying to attack us.  It was pretty comical and sad at the same time. 
I showed Rich and he went out to try to help the baby back up in the tree.

baby bird

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  1. That is the cutest baby bird I've seen. It look like a teenaged bird...a few little feathers but not quite ready to leave the house yet. I giggled to imagine you being attacked by birds but only caring about the shot. Love that.