Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153 Finishing up the walk

So here are the pictures that I took on the second half of the excursion that Mendy and I went on yesterday. I don't think I was up to full "photographic par" yesterday from feeling bad and being sunburned, so try to excuse the lack of interesting pics.

A hinge- Oh how I wish I had my macro lens on for this baby!

A view of the walkway in "The Gardens" at SIUE.  Some French guy has already left a comment on this about how marvelous this pic is.   I'm not seeing it, but "C'est la vie!"

A very colorful old barn.  Cool.

I loved this chain hanging down .  Once again, the macro lens would have come in handy!

Some very tall trees.  I love looking up at trees.

Can you see the spider?
rock with spider

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