Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 152 See below for another post

So this is the second post today trying to get caught up from yesterday. I was sick yesterday and barely got up out of the bed. I felt better today and managed to get the lamp from IKEA finished and went out into the pool for a while and now I'm burned. I can tell I'm still not totally well because I'm completely wiped out.
Since I was up and about, Mendy and I went to take some pictures tonight. First, she took me to "The Barns", a place she knew of in {ummm...where were we again???}. These were some cool old barns with a lot of history. Pics for Day 152 are some pics from the Barns. I'll have more to show tomorrow from the second half of shooting pictures. I'm just too tired to edit them right now.









  1. Hmmm...Where'd you take these? he he I had a great time hanging with you tonight. I hope you are feeling much better and less sunburned soon. We'll totally have to have a picture party when we get back from our trips. I'm sad I can't check your posts while I'm away. Hopefully you can keep us posted while youre out. Be safe, be smart and have fun!

  2. Jealous and really hating that I missed this....stoopit skwel!