Monday, June 27, 2011

Pic 176 Clouds

Is it weird that I spent a whole week in a foreign country and this is my fave picture from the trip???
I don't feel like I had a ton of time for picture taking, or that there was a whole lot to our trip besides hotels and busses, but this picture from the trip home is really gorgeous.
I've got all of my memory cards edited now.  I think I have a few ok shots, but I'm mostly dissapointed.  I did fill out the evaluation of the tour yesterday and let them have it pretty hard.  I don't think I've ever used the words RIDICULOUS, WASTE OF TIME,  and RUSHED so often in a student tour evaluation.  I'm sure it won't mean anything to them.  After looking up their facebook page, it seems like every single teacher in the last few years rates them with a one star out of five. Ugh.


  1. Beautiful. It looks as though you could just float away on one.

  2. Bummer sauce. At least the trip's over and you made some fun memories with D and J. : )