Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156 New phone!

I'm pretty excited to finally join 2011 and have a smartphone.  This little android baby is my early birthday present.  My upgrade was due and I've long hated the LG Tritan that I got the last time. 
Yes, I could get on the internet with it, yes I could check email, facebook, text my heart out, etc.  But it was SLOW....SLOWWWWWWW. 
This is an Android phone and I have the Android market on this, so I'm adding apps all over the place. Fun!
I check email and facebook and I can watch youtube videos and I can see pictures and the camcorder takes HD video and 5mp pictures!  Yahoo!  It's pretty fast compared to my last phone.  Cool.
Happy early birthday to me! I gotta get my tech fix every once in a while.
Please read 2 more new posts after this one.  I'm in catch-up mode.


  1. Yay! I know you hated that other phone for a while. Sounds like this one has everything you could ask for. Enjoy all that technology!

  2. This one has a good GPS...I need to find a name for her!!!