Friday, June 17, 2011

Pics 165, 166, 167 Next round

Well, I will never use Explorica again. I'm not happy with our tour guide, he keeps on changing things and things that were listed in the itinerary are "out of season" or "not really like that". I'm not a happy camper where that's concerned.

I have seen some beautiful things, I caught a picture of my beloved poison dart frog (this one is the strawberry one, I hope I see a blue jean one). My Spanish hasn't deteriorated as much as I had feared and I had a wonderful chat on a couple of occasions with Lily, one of the local guides.

This has been the most frustrating experience I've ever had on a trip. Hopefully the next couple of days will get better and we'll end with some great fun.

I miss you all at home and wish I could have bundled you up with me to take along.
I'm grieving for P and wish that I could change things for her.
I miss my kiddos. I am having a lot of fun with Jeannie and Don- they're cracking me up just nonstop.

Off to kayaking today {wish me luck- I'm a little freaked out about that}
And then another 4 hour bus ride. Ugh. I'm ready for home.



la fortuna

purple grasshopper




  1. Thanks for the shout out, yaya. I miss you.
    I know you would change it if you could. National Geographic better hire you with these wild life photos. Spectacular.

  2. Home is ready for you!!! Glad you're having some semi-fun! That tour guide needs a good talking to!

  3. Vibrant colors! Classic but still beautiful photo of Arenal. Awesome poison dart frog pic. I love the blue jean one too! Sorry the trip is the most frustrating, and that is saying something. you've had quite a few "adventures" on these types of trips. I'm happy your spanish isn't as rusty as you thought. That is a great feeling isn't it? Hope you survived the kayaking trip. off to Monteverde next? enjoy the howlers. Miss you crazy girls, but glad you are keeping each other smiling. Love bunches