Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 160/365 Lightning strikes!

I'm soooooo excited that I finally got a lightning shot!
Tonight is perfect for these kinds of shots- lots of lightning shooting around the sky, but fortunately, still dry.
To get this shot, I used a tripod and the shutter release cable.  I placed the shutter speed on "bulb" and just kept clicking and holding down the cable for approximately 10-35 seconds hoping to catch a good shot.  I did catch several nice lightning streaks- these two were the best.

EXIF: 32 seconds, f5, 18mm, ISO 400

EXIF: 12 seconds,f5, 18mm, ISO 400
lightning 2


  1. Waahooo!!! These look amazing! I love the way you captured all the "strings" coming off the side of the main strike. Lawdy, I wish I had been shooting this storm instead of driving in it.

  2. Yeah! you finally got your lightening pics! Wow great ones too! multiple bolts at a time - seems terrifyingly beautiful!

  3. Whew, glad you finally made it to CR. Let's hope there are no more issues and you have a fantastic smooth trip. I missed you while I was a way now I really miss you and your posts. Take lots of incredible pics and stay safe. Love you bunches!