Monday, May 30, 2011

Days 148,149, 150 Memorial day pics

More than 3 pics today because I actually got my camera out. 
Started out the morning by sleeping in.  I took some pain pills last night and my neck wasn't absolutely throbbing this morning, so I managed to stay in bed until about 8am.  That's pretty good for me!
Went and spent the day with my Mom and Dad.  They recently bought 2 ducks for their lake which they are affectionately calling Dumb and Dumber.  They've been living on my parents' deck for a while now and it was time for them to be released and they could finally swim.  So today was the big day.  After chasing them around the deck and getting them into the dog carrier, my dad took them down to the lake and we had to corral around them to get them to go in the lake.
The black duck {Dumber} loved the water and immediately went nuts.  The white one {Dumb} was a little slower to catch on and stuck close to the shore for a while, but eventually got the hang of it.
duck release



After that we ate lots and lots and lots of food and I managed to fall asleep on the couch while the TV was on.  I think  Richie and my Dad also fell asleep.  I managed to watch part of Star Wars III with Stephen and then we ate some more.
We drove home and I thought that this picture was kind of cool for Memorial Day.  This motorcyclist was driving close by us and I snapped a picture as he was going by. I'm not extremely patriotic and don't like to wave the flag and sing "Proud to be an American". So, this is my minor patriotic picture for Memorial Day.  You should be proud of me.


On the way home these cows were up close to the fence.  Sometimes they're close and sometimes they're too far away.  Usually when I have my camera they are far and vice-versa.  However, today  I had my camera and they were up close.  One of the calves was even having a snack.  I ♥ COWS!

calf standing

calf nursing



  1. Sounds like you had a good day! When's the first pool party??? ; )

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day to me from beginning to end. Ummm should I be worrying this time about who's taking pictures while driving? Safety first...or at least in the top ten.