Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 155 Necessities for the trip

Alright.  We all know I'm not such a "girly girl".  I've started to get ready to pack for the trip to Costa Rica.  What is one thing that I always go get before my trips to hot foreign countries???  Men's v-neck tshirts.
Yessirreee Bob, men's tshirts.  Now, you may not think about this as being an essential item if you are a female, but in my world, these babies are a huge save.  First, they come tightly packed  as you can see above.  Then, after they are dirty {and in Costa Rica they WILL get dirty} I will use them to wrap up my souvenirs for the return trip home or throw them away to make room for more souvenirs. 
Everybody thinks I'm nuts for doing this, but I find it a useful tool for travel.
I also pack these little bottles of toiletries that I do not care about.  My hair might not look the finest on the trip, but in a rainforest where I'm hot as hell and sweating all over the place, that is not going to be important to me at all.  I can also pitch these if they last through the whole trip.
The band-aids are self explanatory. I or someone else will need these on the trip.
Jeez.  7 more days. 


  1. I love your trip essentials! I could take a lesson or two from you! I'm such an over packer and care way too much!

  2. Good planning. Can't believe the trip is only a week away. Summer is already running away with us.