Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141 Chicago :)

I am having so much fun! Chicago is definitely the place for me! Just take a look at this soldier having fun with the street performer!

soldier kiss

Or this picture in Millenium Park of a Chicago citizen- too bad the water isn't on...I wanted to see her spit!
face spit

Paige is still carrying around her moustache...miss you Mendy!
paige moustache

We headed to the Navy Pier-took a boat cruise up and down the riverfront and the girls got me to go up in the big, scary ferris wheel....

Love, love the Navy pier!

We kept seeing brides everywhere! This was an especially sweet shot!

Here's that goofy ferris wheel!!!

navy pier

We are having so much fun! I ♥ US!

We had to take the typical touristy shot at Cloud Gate- otherwise known as the bean!
bean girls

Probably one of my favorite moments of the trip- these boys pulled up their buckets and started drumming! Awesome!!!

I managed to get some motion blur on Michigan Ave- beautiful!


  1. I ~heart~ us too!! Sooooo much fun today and saw so much. I can't wait to come back!!!


  2. SOOOOO jealous! Glad you are having an awesome time and getting some great shots! Hey- Paige is flipping me off! ;) Love that the 'stache made an appearance. Can't wait for more photos and to hear all about it. I hope you all are getting the break and relaxation you deserve. LOVE YOU Girls!