Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143 The best hot chocolate in the world!

So, sorry to be on the same thing yet again, but I'm still working on editing the pictures from Chicago and so I'm going to finish up with the pics for today's blog.

There were some people asking for money around the city of Chicago:

I always find them interesting.

Here is one of the little drummer boys doing his thing...

Here is another pic of the city from the drawbridge area where we spotted the homeless people and the drummer boys:

After all of that walking around, we did the Carnivale restaurant that night:



The next day, we checked out of the hotel and headed to Mindy's hot chocolate- This was the BEST hot chocolate I've ever had- in my life- I can't even explain the creamy goodness that the lady brought out. If I could only have one form of chocolate the rest of my life- it would be the hot chocolate that I had that morning:

After the special breakfast we headed over to Halstead Street to a store called the Brown Elephant. After we came out of that we started to get the picture that the area must be a popular spot for gay people. The rainbows were all over and then we ran into this store---LOVE IT!

The people inside were extremely nice and it was a fun little store with all kinds of little trinkets.
I took some pics of my friends "representing" their interests.
Joi- representing the shopping bags:

And Paige, trying to get a perfect shot:

After we left Halstead, we headed out and went to Ikea outside of Chicago. I'm officially hooked and hopefully one day I'll have my awesome lamp up and will get a picture up.
Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town, that marvelous town!


  1. Wow that little drummer looks intense! I love that well dressed couple behind the man in the wheelchair. Great juxtaposition there.

    OMG we had some awesome food this weekend! I'm ready to drive right back there for some of that Chocolaty heaven. Holy YUM!

  2. You've done it again! Great street shots. Love the Drawbridge photo. So much to see in Chi-town. glad you lady's had an awesome trip! Keep the photos coming;)