Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147 Goodbye A226

I've been in A226 for the last 8 years.  I taught in there for 2 years before the room was "mine".  It's the room where I learned of my  friend Charnelle's death, it's the room where I was standing as the planes hit the World Trade Center in 2001, it has seen many good teaching moments, many moments of joy, many moments of tears, many of anger.
It's where friends have gathered to gossip, share, eat, plan.  It's where I changed from a "young" teacher into an "old" teacher.  It's where I have been confronted by someone over and over as I "challenged her authority".  It's where I made fun of said person.
I packed up and moved out of A226 today.  I had a lot of boxes, and that was after 8 years of staying in that room.  8 years of projects, cards, worksheets, notes, handouts, files.  I threw a lot of old stuff away.  I couldn't bear to throw other stuff away.  I didn't know that moving down the hall would be a little emotional for me.  I did tear up this morning as I was taking the pictures on this post.
226 pt 3
I'm looking forward to A225 (down the hall, not next to).  It's a little bigger, it's right by the restroom, it has 4 huge windows, it's closer to my close friends.  I know I'll enjoy A225.  It's probably where I will go from "old" teacher to "retired" teacher.  One day I may be packing up in there "for good".
226 pt 2
I am halfway through my teaching career.  This wrapped up year 17.  Another 17 to go.  It's gone by so fast.  I complain sometimes.  I get frustrated.  I can't imagine doing anything else.


  1. It's the end of an era. I'll def have to do another drop in next year and check out the new digs. Fare thee well, 226.

  2. Awww, 226! I learned many a secret in that room! ; )

  3. Singing - "Memories"
    Adios room 226 hola room 225. I know you'll have many wonderful times in that room, too.