Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124/365 Richie playing tennis

richie tennis 3

richie tennis 2

richie tennis
Richie had a tennis match tonight after school, so I headed out to go support him.  He seems to really like tennis and it's the longest he's ever stuck with something, so that's good.
He is not really athletic {like me} and doesn't really run very well {like me} and is not extremely competitive {like me}.  He is having fun though, so it's funny to watch him.
I'm not at all happy with the quality of these pictures.  I am hoping to get a better zoom lens one day.  I dream of "L" glass...


  1. I didn't know Rickie was on the tennis team. Good for him...pretty good as an organized sport...better than football. Having fun is the most important thing.

    We can put your "L" glass dreams with my macro dreams. Guess your dreams are big and mine small. haha

  2. He looks so grown up!! I'm glad he found something he's into to! : )

  3. Glad he's having fun and sticking with it. He's getting so manly.
    Maybe one day all our photo dream can come true - your l-glass, Ps- macro, my DSLR. Ah those would be happy days indeed.